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Other Solutions ?

YEH~ well i can’t speak for other website owners/managers, for whilst they seek to STOP or at least manage the foolish and or malicious responses from getting to interact with their sites, hence apps like Gaptcha. I, whilst not deliberately seeking to provoke any such responses am in fact trying to do the impossible ~ FIX PEOPLE.

AND YES~ I’ve heard it all~ Fool, Moron, idiot and oh so much more BUT~ I’ll try anyway.

WELL? Once you place Impossible into a cushion, Firmly SIT upon it AND then let its works …WORK its way UP through your system And into your Brain…… you should, as i have done, find that you are left with; Transparency AND +/- 8 billion voices that * MUST ~ under no circumstances @ALL * be allowed to get away with Silence and / or no opinion expressed.

AND~ that’s where THE REAL ISSUE sits~ Everyone is waiting for some *ucking HERO… to do it all for them……….. AND THAT…. as History has always shown, has NEVER WORKED~ Period, Other than, of course, to result in a hell of a lot of People getting their Heads chopped off, that is.


CONSEQUENTLY~ My interest and requirements from things like Login, registration and Captch… is more in the area of TALK, Record just who & where and TOO to FOCUS any & all of those that bother to take a look at an Idiotic IGNORANTs PLAN…. in action.

SO~ in short, since a zero budget means it’s nigh on impossible to get a coder, programmer / highly H-irated Developer to insist TOO… that my Idiotic Ignorants approach to THE PEOPLE Problem…. gets a solid SHOUT @… those very People…

~ *IS* to take everyone to a forum AND THERE ~ DO the necessary management.
WEBSITE~ just the HOOK….. me the WORM.

NOW~ *u* say *u* are not a big fan of all under the roof of one house ( WPMUDEV ) and the number of Countries & peoples that would / do agree with *u* on that… is self evident.

I, however am aimed @One House AND ROOF, many rooms but still… 1 House AND I MUST say that, in my limited experience the SUPPORT MODEL of WPMUDEV canNOT be beat and that alone is worth the yearly cost.

Anyone know of a FORUM that *WILL* allow…… such as I, my plan and approach to THE PEOPLE PROBLEM?

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