~ Now transparency has always had a name ~ * _itch *

*i* am ~ a PINK MOTHER & HERE TOO *will* insist too;

That *all* Mothers *be* considered as *WHITE-MOTHERS* on this Quorum ~ Regardless of any self evident facts to the contrary

AND~ that *i* will spend the required 45minutes reading the post *i* am 1st directed to AND THEN make my 1st post in the Forum also directed to.

AND~That *i* Promise !

*i* ~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ the very 1st Topic, Subject & Issue on, this & every other Quorum associated with this endeavour *will* be ~ Privacy

AND~ That *i* Promise !

*i* ~ understand, agree & acknowledge HERE TOO ~ that in this 1st instance AND on this Quorum, THAT~ PINK MOTHERS ~ refers to MOTHERS that have an *all* Pink family.

i.e. Father, Grand Parents on both sides & children *born* all Pink. Furthermore that in this 1st instance that This Quorum is aimed at those Pink MOTHERS only, as well as ONLY having an     * ALL PINK* Hereditary family line from AD 1066 onwards.

*i* ~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ That this Quorum & all of it’s PINK MOTHER Members *will* endeavour to the best abilities of each, to participate in & help all of it’s members to arrive at a Quorum that…. *will*…. split all such PINK MOTHERS into 4 distinct groups.

Those with Celtic fore-bearers, those with Saxon fore-bearers, those with Norman fore-bearers.

AND those *with* a mix of the above fore-bearers BUT~ STILL *with* the whole family line *ALL* PINK and again from 1066 onwards only.

 *i*~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ That in this 1st instance This Quorum of Pink MOTHERS *will* always be responsible for proving their PINK FAMILY LINES & that each member is bound by such rule to help *each* to do so.

*i*~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ That each registered Member is *equal* in being a PINK MOTHER & equally so in being a moderator & responsible to each member on this Quorum ~ until such time as a Topic, which *i* as a member *will* participate in, discusses and decides via vote who, how & why a hirearchical structure should be created.

*i*~ understand & acknowledge HERE TOO~ That each & every post *i* make is aimed at the individual person clicking on this Quorums site.

AND~ therefore words like *you* (in it’s plural sense) as well as *we, they, them, us, their and our* ….. *will* always be replaced *with* either *u*, *U*, mY, mine or *i*.

*i*~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ That in the 1st instance, this Quorum AND *every other* Quorum directly associated with this endeavour *will* have *only* myself, Lloyd Davies ( a.k.a- xits Tongue & a.k.a..Constant’s SON ) as the *only* Male voice *freely* allowed to post anywhere on this or any other Quorum set up, whilst *i* Constant’s SON am still alive to do so.

Thereafter the only space for any and all males is the space set up as HERE it is, for them to voice and or question any MOTHER Member~ in any of the said ~ set up Quorums.

*i*~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ that Lloyd davies has the following as reasons & purposes for setting This & every other Quorum up.

~ A} an education to be provided for and by MOTHERS ~ for *all* Children. ADD~ infinitum.

~ B} to arrive at, support and ensure that  MOM *E* ( as in Mother earth ) will be the *only* method of addressing HER.

~Furthermore that any other form of address *is* an attempt to DRAG HER down to a Human level, Which *iS* beyond any doubt, to Constant’s SON ~ 1 definition of an EVIL thing to do. ~Furthermore that to BLAME *HER* for any & all decisions made by Humans, Male or Female *is* another 1 definition of EVIL

~Furthermore that EVIL, bar the manifestation of it by Humans… DOES NOT EXIST – Period.

 *i* understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO that *i* understand and acknowledge HERE TOO that under no circumstances whatsoever *will* there be any Topic, Subject, Issue, Problem or Human head, no matter what *colour* they decide or is decided, be exempt from questioning by Mothers.

~ADD~ Infinitum.( 28 / 04 / 2019 ).

 *i* understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO that ” *i* do not know how or why *i* did or do (…X…)” to in fact, be an answer in itself~& JUST as that be a fact, so too be the RIGHT to further question said answer, from whomsoever presents that….. as an answer.

*i* support and understand that Constant’s SON~ *believes* that he has attempted, to the best of his abilities, to determine whether or not HIS SOUL exists as a  entity, separate to the body that is currently seen as Himself.

~ BUT has failed to do so & therefore can not conclusively prove or accept that any of you have A SOUL, that differers from the body any of you currently inhabit.

~AND~ *will*, until any *u* can conclusively prove otherwise, act upon the belief that each of you are indeed THE SOUL, that inhabits the body each *U*…. are currently using.

~ Furthermore that ANY USER Title or avatar used by any of you, *is* a *U* intending to be seen as such HERE on this and any other Quorum directly associated to this one.

*i* ~ understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ that *i* am a PINK MOTHER According to the definitions set up HERE on the Quorum & agree to both uphold *all* of the conditions there presented, Including the right to argue for additions or deletions of specific requirements.

~  BUT~ only after having created a Topic to that end *with* my own arguement subject to both discussion and vote by *all* other PINK MOTHER Members of the Quorum.

 *i* understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO ~ that * Race * is and has been an Issue throughout the History of the Human * Race * ~ and ~ should there be group of people that have NOT used that as a reason to avoid enslavement, without 1st bloodily enforcing such reasoning and too;

To THEN~also not go on and use *race* to abuse and THEN too;

To bloodily, enforce THEIR version ~ of Right, Wrong and just who should be the ones doing & deciding so ~ upon another individual or group of people.

~~~ * i * would dearly love to hear of it.


Just as * i * do here, in this 1st instance and on this 1st quorum seek to bring together and under 1 roof, so to speak, a differing group of Mothers with just such a Bloody History and agree to and consent to being seen as PINK, so too do * i * fervently hope AND pray that:

~Lloyd, a.k.a. xits Tongue, a.k.a. Constants Son *** AND *** * i*…. of this 1st instant Quorum, will be forgiven for Naming *ALL-MOTHERs*:

…………..outside of it~as……… BLUE MOTHERS.


*i* understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO 

*i* understand, agree and acknowledge HERE TOO 

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